Students Learn Life Skills at Local University

by Courtney Wheaton on March 22, 2014 at 11:42 am

The second session of the two day Applied Career Development Workshop was held at the Ohio University Zanesville Campus on Saturday.

Enrolled students had the opportunity to meet one on one with established business men and women in the community. Some of the featured guests included WHIZ’s Sunrise Anchor, Jennifer Bullock and Genesis Healthcare System Chief Financial Officer, Paul Masterson.Students participated in a mock interview scenario with the career experts.

"They had the opportunity to talk with some of their interviewers and just ask what are some trends going on in the workplace, what are some tips that we need to know as far the biggest mistakes that students or interviewees make," said OUZ Academic Advisor, Willa Marie Jackson.

Along with honing their interviewing skills, students were given a crash course in proper etiquette. OUZ Assistant Dean of Development, Cindy Linn taught class members the art of good table manners.

"Not only can they network with the professional reps where they had the one on one interview and the business panel to bring all that together, but to also learn from Cindy Linn what fork to use, where is my cup, am I using the wrong napkin," said Jackson.

Jackson says it is better for students to make mistakes now than in real life situations. Students will receive two credit hours for their participation and are required to present a final presentation. This is the first time the course was offered at OUZ.