The Driven Foundation Visits New Lexington High

by Miriah Turner on March 29, 2014 at 7:19 am

Former OSU football players and community members in Perry County faced off on the basket ball court today all for a good cause.

The Driven Foundation as well as a local committee put on a Community Charity Basketball Game today at New Lexington High School. Proceeds from the event benefited the Perry County food bank, humane society, dog shelter as well as the Orange and Black Boosters and The Driven Foundation.

Committee members consisted of Roy Hall, Jeanie Addington, Tonya Sherburne, Hayley Weiland, Doug Shepherd, Dustin Addington, James Stutzman, Donald Ellis and Kenneth Spencer.

" We have twelve community members of either past basket ball players or just people that are very well known even for playing foot ball here at our school," said Jeanette Addington, Treasurer of the Orange and Black Boosters. "They will be combined in teams with Ohio State players, and I think we’re going to see some excitement on the court, to actually get to see Ohio State players, and get to see some of our community just having fun."

The Driven Foundation focuses on "purposeful versatility" and ways to give back to various communities. They have worked with food outreaches, birthday parties for children who leave children’s hospital, as well as charity football and basket ball games.

"All of us have a story, everyone has some type of challenge in their life, and if they don’t think they have challenges, then they know someone who’s going through some challenges. Whether it be financially, with relationships or marriage whatever it is, a lot of it stems from a lack of something," said Roy Hall, former OSU football player and President of the Driven Foundation. "So we try to identify what it is that’s lacking in a particular area or particular community. Needs are always evolving and changing."

Proceeds were collected from the pre-game meal, player autographs, 50-50 tickets, as well as a raffle. We will have the outcome of the game tonight on the 11 o’clock news. 

To learn more about The Driven Foundation, you can find them on Facebook or Twitter or at