Town Hall Meeting Focuses On Tax Reform

by Erika Brooks on March 29, 2014 at 11:44 am

A town hall meeting proposed the idea that the current tax system is flawed and a tax reform is needed.

The forum debated the difference between a flat tax and a fair tax. Speakers on both sides agreed that the forum will hopefully act as a way to change the tax system.

"This is a replacement for the system that’s already there, the federal income tax. What we propose to do under the fair tax is eliminate the income tax and eliminate the IRS and replace it with one simple retail sales tax," said Steve Curtis, State Director with Americans for Fair Tax Ohio.

"Maybe it’s time to focus actually on the states and where we’re going. Start doing experiments with some of these tax reform ideas, whether it be flat tax or fair tax. Currently there are seven states that have a flat tax," added Will Upton, State Affairs Manager with Americans For Tax Reform.

This event was made possible by the Zanesville Patriots. Area residents in attendance were able to ask the speakers questions and take part in the discussion themselves.

Upton says his initiative behind the forum is simple, "My goal is to really help them look at the bright side on this and look at the state level and where we can make some real reforms, right now."

Curtis adds, "Our objective is to help people understand just how bad of a situation we’re in and give them an alternative."

Currently legislation on enacting a fair tax is waiting approval before congress. Meanwhile americans for tax reform is pushing for changes at the state level including phasing out all state income taxes by 2015.

To learn more about either of these groups, visit their websites.

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