Vote Major: National Hero Dog

by Miriah Turner on March 12, 2014 at 6:45 am

A local hero has been nominated and is in the running for a National award.

Major, a service dog for retired Marine Corps Veteran McGlade, was rescued from a hoarding situation in Detroit in May of 2011. Since his rescue, he has undergone training with Stiggy’s Dogs.

Stiggy’s Dogs is a nonprofit organization that provides military veterans living with PTSD and TBI another method of healing through service and companion dogs. It was founded to carry on the compassion toward animals and life work of HM3 Benjamin “Doc Stiggy” Castiglione who gave his life while caring for his soldiers as a Navy Corpsman in Afghanistan in September 2009. Stiggy’s works to keep taking care of ALL veterans in Doc Stiggy’s name. By doing this, they continue their motto: rescuing one to rescue another.

Major has been serving McGlade since they met in August of 2012. He is described as having a laid back personality, but is very keen and aware of his responsibilities and training.

"Not only do I have PTSD but I also have a traumatic brain injury," said United States Marine Corps Veteran Terrance McGlade. "I was on like fifteen different medications before I got him and now I’m down to three…Major hasn’t just helped me, he is also a rescue therapy dog for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. So I take him up there to the cancer ward and let the kids visit with him."

 McGlade is proud of Major for representing  Zanesville as well as veterans from our area in the running. The first round of voting ends April 23rd. To vote for Major to become the National Hero Dog you can visit the link provided below.

Vote Major as the National Hero Dog

McGlade is also collecting donations to purchase another dog from Stiggy’s Dogs in honor of Zanesville. He would like to help out someone locally or another veteran in need. To donate for McGlade’s cause you can reach him at or 740-319-4134