ZHS Band Mulch Sale

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 19, 2014 at 6:50 am

The Zanesville High School Band is heading to Disney World to perform next month, and they need your help getting there.

The ZHS Band Booster Mulch Sale is underway and members are selling bags of mulch in hopes of raising a little extra money to make the trip down to Florida.

"On average it’s $3.75 a bag and the kids’ profit is $1 into their band buck account which is an individual account we set up for each one of the kids to fund things like their band camp or Disney world like we’re doing this year," said LeAnne Bader-Mock, a color guard instructor at ZHS.

The bags of mulch are 2 cubic feet bags that cover approximately 12 square feet at 2 inches deep. Students will be selling hardwood, pine bark, absolute red, cypress and absolute black hardwood mulch.

"They bring it in by the truck loads, it’s from Ohio Mulch in Columbus and they bring it down and then we deliver it after the delivery date. The cut off for sales is next Wednesday the 26th and then it will be delivered a few weeks later.

You can contact her at Bader-Mock at 740-452-0614 or any band member to place an order.