Antique Tractors on Display at Local Mall

by Courtney Wheaton on April 29, 2014 at 8:21 am

Nearly 70 tractors are on display for visitors to admire at the Colony Square Mall.

The Old Steam and Gas Club based out of Dresden is hosting their 18th annual Mall Tractor Show. President of the club, Tim Rollins says some of their pieces are more than 70 years old.

" A lot of different displays of tractors, cars, old tools, small engines and a lot of information. We were established in 1959 and we have a lot of history and we have that history here with us, " said Rollins.

The show will go on for a week during regular mall hours and Rollins hopes that the community will come to educate themselves about farming history, especially the younger generations.

" Most kids today don’t realize what our forefathers went through in trying to feed their families and so with the interest in the old machinery and the old tractors to give a little bit of a demonstration to these young folks, " said Rollins.

The Old Steam and Gas Club is also accepting members. To join it will costs $15 annually and the group does a variety activities and charity work, including tractor pulls, donating to Hospice and public servants such as local fire departments.