Nichole Hannahs

Congo Adoption on Hold

by Nichole Hannahs on April 10, 2014 at 6:46 am

Imagine your child living over six thousand miles away with an ocean in between and your only communication from monthly photos.

That’s what life is like for Scott and Ashlee Kennedy. They recently adopted eight month old Kruzyln a Congolese child. Instead of planning her homecoming these parents are faced with the fact their child is stuck with no answer as to when she’ll come home.

"In all my heart she is our child," said Ashlee Kennedy. "She immediately bonded with us. She immediately took to us. From the moment she came out of the car she reached out to us. She’s part of our family not just on paper, but in our hearts."

Kruzyln can’t leave the Congo with the Kennedy’s because the Democratic Republic of Congo’s General Direction and Migration Department which handles the Visas has put a hold on exit letters needed to bring children home. Not only are the Kennedy’s affected, but at least 15 others in Ohio and 500 in the United States alone.

"We have a birth story for our two biological children. This is kind of her birth story. We’re collecting. We’re doing all this all this stuff getting pictures together and writing these letters to the senators, the government and what not. This is kind of her birth story. We’re creating this birth story for her."

The Kennedy’s have been writing, calling and e-mailing senators and representatives asking them to sign a petition that will be sent to the President of Congo Joseph Kabilia to ask him to direct the GDM to allow these children to come home. The Kennedy’s will travel to the Congo in July to visit with Kruzyln.

If you would like to help the Kennedy’s their asking you to contact your representatives. You can also sign a petition at the address on your screen to show your support.