Council Drafts Panhandling Ordinace

by Courtney Wheaton on April 28, 2014 at 8:10 am

Members of the Zanesville City Council Board met to discuss the addition of legislation banning enterprise solicitation.

During Monday’s public safety meeting at city hall, council members worked together to come up with a defined set of rules regarding panhandling. Council members agree it’s becoming a real problem for the city and it needs to be regulated.

"Proximity from intersection, crosswalks, not allowing people receive contributions from cars that the majority of it, " said Councilman Roberts.

Council plans to have the drafted framework of the law, become a part of the codified ordinances of the city in the next few weeks after it’s complete. Once passed, the ordinance will be enforceable by the Zanesville Police Department. Roberts says the goal of the ordinance is not to target the homeless.

" A lot of these people are not homeless. There was cataloging done to see who they were a vast vast majority had permanent addresses, so it’s not a homeless issue it’s a making money issue, " said Roberts.

City officials say other reasons for the new ordinance includes excess litter left by panhandlers and safety of drivers.