Cover Those Plants: Freeze Warning Tonight

by Miriah Turner on April 15, 2014 at 6:45 am

With the return of winter weather, frost conditions are looming tonight.

A freeze warning is currently in effect from 10 this evening to 10am wednesday for Perry and Morgan counties. Those eager planters who were out in their gardens over the weekend should prepare their plants.

"If somehow they can cover up any of the new crops they’ve put in the ground with bags, with cloth, a sheet, no plastic. Plastic is the worst thing because it will kinda stick to it and kill it.," said Terry Paul, Owner of Paul’s Farm Market.

Straw and extra mulch around plants can help to insulate them as well. Particular plants like cabbage or hearty flowers with strong roots should be fine. Mother’s day should be the date to keep in mind for planting.

"People can be preparing now by cleaning up yards and such. But to really plant the softer plants, your tomatoes, your peppers, your geraniums, some of your other annuals that are more tender, around the fifteenth of May even up to the 20th," said Marvin Paul, Employee and family member at Paul’s Farm Market.

Of course you can always carry plants in for the night. Oddly enough if we had received MORE SNOW this morning, it would have served as an insulator for plants.