Decrease In The County’s Insurance Plan Costs

by Mackenzie Stasko on April 21, 2014 at 7:02 am

During a meeting with representatives from CORSA, Muskingum County’s insurer, the commissioner’s reviewed the new plan for the county that will go into effect on the first of next month. Overall, the county will see a reduction of about $8,5000.

"A lot of that effort is on their part in participating in our loss control incentive program and then also in just participating in all of our risk management services to keep their losses down," said CORSA Marketing Manager Ginny Schrimplin.

When figuring out a county’s insurance plan, Schrimplin said there are a lot of "exposures" that must be considered. One area that saw an increase is the sheriff’s office. The particular factor that caused the increase is the number of daily inmates at the county jail.

"The reason for that is because their average daily number of detainees went up, about almost 8 percent. So that’s one of the highest exposures for the county is in the jails. We see a lot of lawsuits come from jails. So the more people you have in there, the higher the cost it is."

Overall the county will pay less than last year, at just over $400,000 for the new insurance plan.