Deer Bagging Changes for the 2014 Season

by Miriah Turner on April 16, 2014 at 6:28 am

Local deer hunters are going to see some changes this upcoming deer season beginning in September.

For Muskingum county the bag limit has changed. Last year it was one buck and three does. This year it’s changed to one buck and two does.

"ODNR has always tried to maintain the deer population according to past records and check in on deer and stuff like that. They’re happy with what they’re seeing right now," said Kathy McCann Dillon Falls Store Owner.

These changes are in effect in order to maintain the current number in the herd. The deer population in our area is not depleting, however, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is content with the current size of the population.

 "Another change will be on the tags," said McCann. "You’ll be able to buy three of the either sex tags. There won’t be an antler-less tag."

For more information on changes for deer hunting you can visit .  Keep in mind, this Saturday is the start of youth turkey hunting for Spring turkey. Spring turkey season for adults begins Monday.