First Annual Autism Walk

by Courtney Wheaton on April 27, 2014 at 11:50 am

Balloons, puzzles and people scattered the lawn at the CASS Mind Academy’s Autistic Learning Center Sunday afternoon.

Nearly 200 people came out to the first ever Autism Walk hosted by the school. The event was a way for the community to become familiar with all of the programming that the newly established center has to offer. It also allowed local children and their parents to let loose and have fun.

"This is our conclusion of our Autism Awareness month. We had an affair yesterday, but today is the walk. We had over 150 walkers and over 13 corporate sponsors, we have live music, a live band," said CEO, Cassandra McDonald.

Along with the live music, there was food, games and even horses for the guests to take for a ride. McDonald says that autistic children often connect with the gentle creatures in a positive way.

"The horses especially, because animals and pets love and bond and sometime they will respond to animals when they won’t respond to humans the same way. They have some kind of communication there so it’s just awesome to have these kind of venues like this where they can come," said McDonald.

Visitor’s walked a half mile through Putnam Park before coming back to the center to enjoy refreshments. McDonald says she plans to make this an annual event and would like to thank the community for supporting a worthy cause.