FREE Instant Movies, Music, TV, Audio Books for Muskingum County

by Miriah Turner on April 15, 2014 at 6:46 am

The Muskingum County library system is bringing you instant movies, music and books on demand.

The library system announced the availability of thousands of television shows, albums, audio books and movies to the public through their new partnership with Hoopla Digital.

Hoopla allows you to download music albums, movies, tv shows and audio books, all free of charge. There are unlimitied numbers of copies so customers never have to place a hold and can download it to smart phones, PCs, and tablets. When the loan period is up it will automatically return itself so there are never any over due fees.

Out of Ohio’s 250 public libraries, the Muskingum County Public Library is the 34th library in Ohio to sign on with hoopla. Movies and television shows are at least two years old. Music albums and audio books are up to date.

"Libraries are about experiences and services and we know that many people find it more convenient or preferable to be able to borrow that online and use the library online," said Blair Tom, Assistant Director of the John McIntire Library. "We have a wonderful selection on our virtual library. And this really just takes it to the next level."

The loan periods are three days for movies and television shows, 7 days for music albums and 21 days for audio books. You can download up to five items, any mix of those items per month. Hoopla was tested with Seattle and Columbus Metropolitan Libraries.

The only thing you need is a web browser along with a library card. You can apply and pick one up free of charge at any of the six public libraries in Muskingum County.

Then log onto , click on their online resources, and enjoy the FREE Hoopla Service