It’s a “Spring Awakening” at a Local Theater

by Courtney Wheaton on April 6, 2014 at 11:51 am

Crowds at the Zanesville Community Theater had the chance to relive their awkward moments by watching an adolescence inspired play.

on Sunday, the cast at ZCT performed in the musical "Spring Awakening." The director says the play touches on the sticky issues that we often face growing up, especially in this generation.

"It’s almost like you go back to your high school class and it deals with a group of kids who have all known each other and they have grown up together and some of them have flunked out of school. It deals with the angst as far as it deals with sexuality, homosexuality. Suicide. Abuse, " said Director Eric Blake.

Spring Awakening was written in the 1890’s and was set to music in 2008. The play has won eight Tony awards since its debut, and although this is a local rendition, Blake says the performance is just at powerful.

" The cast is amazing." said Blake. We did lots of character development studies and they are all very talented. They worked very hard, we got a wonderful orchestra and the orchestration helps make the cast shine with their vocal ability. "

If you missed the play , it will run again next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For show times and prices you can visit the theater’s website.