Local Crew Suits Up For You

by Erika Brooks on April 5, 2014 at 11:55 am

Do you know what to do if a hazardous chemical spill were to happen here in Muskingum County? Well, a HAZMAT crew is only a phone call away.

All members of the Zanesville Fire Department are certified HAZMAT technicians. Meaning when an unknown substance is found, a chemical leak happens or even a fuel spill occurs, the department is dispatched and the HAZMAT crew will take over. They are equipped to handle all types of hazardous materials and situations.

"We also have three stages, whether it be the big blue suits that are completely incapsulated, which will be a Level A. Level B, you won’t be sealed off with your boots and your ankles but we have chem tape that we put around them, you still have the big face shield and the pack. Level C, will just be a splash guard, a white suit, maybe just a respirator on, instead of the self contained breathing apparatus," said HAZMAT Coordinator and Lieutenant with the Zanesville Fire Department, Doug Hobson.

Alongside the suits, the crew also uses various equipment to protect the environment. Lt. Hobson wants the public to know that the HAZMAT crew is always ready to respond and no spill is too small.

"We’ll at least check it and see what’s going on. It might even be where you’re contaminating the soil, the environment, that’s one of our biggest things, make sure number one, the people are safe, the environment’s safe and then we contain the leak, " said Lt. Hobson.

If there is ever an emergency, simply call 9-1-1 and the crew will be dispatched to your situation.