Nichole Hannahs

Making Sense of Your Money

by Nichole Hannahs on April 7, 2014 at 7:51 am

Do high school students moving on to higher education or into the work force really know what it’s going to cost to make the transition?

Three local organizations team up to lead students in the discussion. The United Way along with Scholarship Central and the John McIntire Library are hosting a class called "Money Sense."

The interactive hour long program works with the kids on creating spending plans, their financial goals and allows them to talk to people that have been through the same issues they face.

"We’re hoping to give the tools to take on not just right after high school or after college, but to take on through because part of it is saving," said Amy Davis Community Impact Coordinator. "Recognizing needs versus wants. How to pay your bills first and everything and then spend what you have. Those are lessons that carry through."

Davis said if students can learn to save now then it will also help the community in the long run.

"Less debt hopefully. Maybe needing less resources, community resources that if they can budget their money wisely maybe they don’t need some food assistance and that leaves resources for other individuals and maybe put a burden on some of the others," said Davis.

If you are a teen or want to register your teen for the event contact John McIntire Library at (740) 453-0391 ext 116 or 132.