Muskingum County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Visits OUZ

by Miriah Turner on April 1, 2014 at 6:39 am

As part of OUZ Zane State Public Safety Week, the Muskingum County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney visited campus today.

Attorney Ron Welch spoke about sexual assault awareness, the way sexual assault cases are prosecuted here in Muskingum county, as well as the importance of making positive decisions.

"When you have younger people, they’re typically at the stage where they’re not necessarily as responsible as they will be later on in life, so often times their decision making process is clouded because of use of alcohol, or just simply not knowing how to handle a situation appropriately," said Ron Welch, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Muskingum county.

Other topics of discussion included the potential penalties for offenders and the importance of reporting an event to secure the overall safety of society.

"When you have individuals who are victims of sexual assault, maturity plays a role in that. The more mature and educated someone is about what has happened to them,the more likely they are to handle it in an appropriate way, allowing us the opportunity to pursue the prosecution of sex offenders," said Welch.

One in six women will be the victim of sexual assault in their lives, and college age students are more than four times likely to be a victim then the general population.

All students, employees and visitors are welcome to attend Public Safety Week at OUZ Zane State. You can find a list of scheduled events at the website