NAACP Honors Influential Local Women

by Courtney Wheaton on April 26, 2014 at 6:55 am

Members of the Muskingum County Chapter of the NAACP celebrated the achievement of local women just before Mother’s Day.

Today was the 1st annual "Women Working Together to Build a Stronger Community Luncheon." the event aimed to pay homage to four special ladies that dedicated their lives to improving their community and being role models for younger generations.

"The things with the nutrition and health and education and promoting people, a lot of people said they were encouraged to go and do better in their lives because of these women," said NAACP member, Martha Mitchell.

Juanita B. Mitchell, Mary Ann Harris Brandford, Cheryl Honesty Williams and Geraldine Adams Logan were all honored for decades of service to Zanesville. To keep up with the theme of honoring elders, Kenyan guest speaker, Jacqueline Masts told visitors about the wisdom of her 128 -year- old great grandmother.

"It is so amazing just to hear or get council from her from all the generations she has gone through and with this new generation everything is so different, " said Masts.

During the program guests enjoyed a chicken salad lunch and cake for dessert. Organizers hope to have the event annually.