New Executive Director at Zanesville Museum of Art

by Miriah Turner on April 29, 2014 at 6:47 am

 The Zanesville Museum of Art introduced its New Executive Director Tuesday afternoon.

Originally from the Chicago Land area and a Lake Forest College graduate, Laine Snyder studied art history and pottery. She has also operated a home studio, Ingleside Pottery, for several years.

"I’m so excited to develop the programming here at the Zanesville Museum of Art," said Laine Snyder, Executive Director, Zanesville Museum of Art. "I think it’s such an important asset within our community. So to give back by providing programs and exhibitions that really speak to people, that really develop and fit in with the art community here it’s one of our long term goals".

Snyder has created exhibits as the curator for the Miami University Art Museum as well as the Dayton Art Institute. There are several plans in the works to re-do the museums website, bring in new pieces, and develop a cultural program that reflects the Zanesville community.

"As a ceramic artist I’m intrigued by the different glazes and forms and by the art form itself," said Snyder. "To come here and to work with that phenomenal collection. And I have to add, also to have this be the first year for the Zanesville Ceramic Prize, it’s an extraordinary time to be here and to be a potter and Executive Director in Zanesville."

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