“Paint Me Beautiful” Grand Opening!

by Miriah Turner on April 6, 2014 at 5:03 am

"Paint Me Beautiful" held their grand opening this weekend, Thursday April 3rd to Sunday April 6th, at their new location 339 Adair Ave.

Paint Me Beautiful is owned and operated by Jodie Swingle. They offer complete home decorating and painting services through the store, as well as creatively redesigned painted furniture and home décor.

"Honestly, I love to paint. I’ll paint anything," said Jodie Swingle, Owner of Paint Me Beautiful. "We’ve been painting for 22 years. My husband is a general contractor, so I have always painted his houses. We do a lot of flips and rehabs with houses, so you kind of just always inspired to make something beautiful again."

American paint chalk,mineral, and clay paints are featured throughout the store and in paint classes. They are 100% natural with no odor.

"We can go one of  your rooms,  like a guest bedroom we’re currently doing right now, we will take your dressers, take them in here, and we can paint them for you. Then if we need to paint a wall that goes with your quilt or if we need to upsize something that you have, we can switch things around. We can grab something out of your basement and pull it up and recreate it. So we can take the things you already have, and put them back together in your home so you can use them again," said Swingle.

Paint Me Beautiful is the "one stop shop" for all of your decorating desires. Jodie and her team have all kinds of connections to get the job done. You can find them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JodiesPaintMeBeautiful or stop by their location on Adair Thursday, Friday or Saturday 10AM-6PM or Sunday 1-5 PM.