Rambo Gives Away Air Conditioners

by Courtney Wheaton on April 30, 2014 at 6:45 am

Rambo Memorial Health Center is helping people with respiratory issues breathe a little bit easier with a special program.

Rambo is giving away 100 air conditioners to Muskingum County residents that qualify. They not only cool your home, they could also save a life.

" Anytime the weather gets really bad, real high humidity, a lot of pollen in the air this year people that have asthma have a lot of issues. They usually say stay inside and try to stay cool and of course the air conditioner does filter a bit," said Muskingum County Respiratory Care Association’s Operations Coordinator. Mary Burkhart.

Burkhart says there are certain requirements that people must meet to be eligible for the program and she suggests calling Rambo by phone for more information.

" During May those residents who have not received assistance from Rambo Memorial Health Center or another agency with an air conditioner donation voucher during the previous three years may qualify, " said Burkhart.

Funding for this program is generated through county levy funding along with the Respiratory Care Association’s Yule Time Seals Campaign.

For more information call 740-452-5401.