Secretary of State Jon Husted Speaks at Rotary

by Miriah Turner on April 2, 2014 at 7:48 am

Secretary of State Jon Husted spoke this afternoon at the Zanesville Rotary Club.

With April 1st being the first day for early voting, Secretary Husted talked about the importance of voicing your opinion and voting in the upcoming May Primary election.

"There are many important issues on the ballot, including a statewide infrastructure bond issue, there are 614 local issues across the state, some competitive primary elections for both democrats and republicans, particularly at the local level," said Jon A. Husted, Ohio Secretary of State. "In 2013 in the general election, there were 43 races that were either tied or decided by one vote, and so every single vote matters, so people need to get out there and make their voice heard."

Topics of discussion also included the new uniform voting hours across Ohio, as well as the numerous ways voting has been altered to serve the convenience of the public.

"You can vote without ever leaving home. You can request an absentee ballot, take plenty of time to cast your ballot over that basically four week period you have to vote. But making sure that we have fair, uniform rules so that equality prevails and that the elections have integrity is the most important part of this strategy," said Husted.

Secretary Husted believes Ohio is the most important swing state in the country, and as such he is determined to equip Ohio with the best systems of elections. The Primary will take place on May 6th.