Steven Buck For Muskingum County Probate Juvenile Court Judge

by Miriah Turner on April 29, 2014 at 6:45 am

 The May Primary Election is one week from today.

Steven Buck is one of four candidates running for Muskingum County Probate Juvenile court judge. He currently serves as a magistrate in probate juvenile court. Buck says he’s aware of the issues of drugs and neglect as well as the challenges and reasonable solutions in the court.

"I am the candidate with most experience actually in both courts. I have over 20 years experience as a probate attorney, handling decedent’s estates, guardian-ships, adoptions and other matters in the probate court, but I also have at this point a total of 28 years experience hearing cases for the juvenile court. And some ten years experience prior to that as an attorney handling cases in the juvenile court," said Buck.

Candidate Buck says he’s enjoyed practicing in the Juvenile and Probate court.

"I got into the practice of the law because of the loss of my own father when I was fifteen," said Buck. "I’ve seen what problems that caused for our family, both through probate court and otherwise and recognizing what difference an attorney with the right mindset, magistrate or judge with the right understanding can make in positive good outcomes for families".

As a college camp counselor, an adult foster parent, a church leader, and scout leader, Candidate Buck says he has always had interest in the youth of his society.

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WHIZ News will feature to other two candidates in this race Thursday May 1st at 6PM