Nichole Hannahs

Students Learn to Deal with Overwhelming Feelings

by Nichole Hannahs on April 1, 2014 at 6:41 am

For college students school can be a time of stress between work for classes, employment and family.

That’s why as part of Ohio University -Zanesville/Zane State Safety week topic of mental health took center stage. The Director of Muskingum County Six County said that it’s important for students to recognize the symptoms of depression and anxiety in themselves and others.

"If you’re losing interest in some of your daily activities or things that you used to enjoy doing or you’re feeling overly tired, feeling lethargic, not motivated to get up and do the things you normally do," said Ken Boerner director of Muskingum County Six County.

They also suggested that students find a positive coping skill to help them deal with overwhelming feelings whether it be something creative or physical.

"They’re different for everybody but we need to have as many as we can and a variety of different ones," said Boerner. "For example physical exercise, some people mentioned talking a walk, getting out in nature. walk on the treadmill. Exercise helps to reduce our stress but also sends endorphins in our body that gives us a natural sense of well being."

Boerner said that if you know someone feeling overwhelmed it’s important to talk with them and direct them to the help they need. Recently, Six County said that they try to get people help within three days, but recently made steps to get someone assessed within one day of contact.