Susan Montgomery McDonald For Muskingum County Probate Juvenile Court Judge

by Miriah Turner on April 30, 2014 at 9:17 am

 The second candidate we are featuring tonight for Probate Juvenile Court Judge is Susan Montgomery McDonald. An area of law she says she is comfortable with.

McDonald serves as an attorney and has been with her firm for over twelve years. From the state house to the local court house, she has over twenty years of public service and legal experience.

"All the candidates are qualified, that’s the easy part," said Montgomery McDonald. "The hard part is doing what is right, what is in the best interests of the children. It comes naturally to someone who has had a positive upbringing, and good family values, and a good moral basis to raise. All you have to do is do what is right. There’s never a wrong time to do what is right. You have to find a fine balance of reading the law and interpreting the law, with your heart and knowing what is right, with the budget of the court".

Through the courts, McDonald believes that lives can be changed for years to come and generations to follow. Along with her family, she also operates McDonald’s Green House and Corn Maze for children and families.

"We offer them wholesome, affordable, education, and an agricultural experience. Through that, I get to work with all the day cares, the elementary schools, the scout troops, the 4H clubs, and the church groups, that come to our venue, and learn and meet those people, and learn about what their needs are and see them interacting. We also have the children’s services kinship families come out from Muskingum county and Guernsey county".

McDonald says there would be no greater honor than to serve as the probate and juvenile judge, giving back to the community and helping the future generations of the community to grow, advance, and prosper.

You can find Montgomery McDonald’s web page at

 WHIZ News will feature the other two candidates in this race Thursday May 1st at 6PM