Themed Tea Party Raises Money for Autism

by Courtney Wheaton on April 26, 2014 at 6:56 am

A 19th century Victorian tea was held Saturday afternoon to raise awareness about Autism.

Members of the community visited the Buckingham House dressed in their finest attire to raise money for the CASS Mind’s Autistic Learning Center. The school aims to specifically target the needs of autistic children.

" What we do that’s a little different kind of a lens is because I am a musician we do business, art, and music along with their educational developmental .We have ADA, we have also the occupational therapist and intervention strategist, we have all of those things for their individual education," said CASS Mind CEO,Cassandra McDonald.

Dancing with the Divas contestant, Mary Jane Shackelford will be fundraising for the CASS Mind Academy in this year’s show. She sponsored this event in order to support a cause she says she strongly believes in.

" I love Cassandra McDonald and what she does and I know that the autistic learning center is new for the area and she does great things with the kids. I just wanted to show my support for her," said Shackelford.

During the fundraiser, there was musical entertainment, take away gifts and lots of tea and refreshments for guests. If you missed it you can still come out to the Walk for Autism event taking place on Sunday at the academy, starting a two o’clock.