Nichole Hannahs

Things to Know Before Election Day

by Nichole Hannahs on April 30, 2014 at 6:46 am

Ohioans continue to cast their ballots as the primary election nears.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said that nearly 122,000 Ohioans have taken advantage of the early voting period, which began April 1.

Statewide this election features same party candidate contests, along with statewide ballot issues and about 600 local issues. Before you come to the polls the Muskingum County Board of Elections Director said there are five different ballot types, Republican, Democrat, Issues only, Green Party and Libertarian.

"When you go to the polls whatever ballot you request we’ll change your party affiliation with that party," explained Board of Elections Director Chris Hamill. "It doesn’t matter how you are registered. You can select the ballot style that you want."

Hamill encourages voters to preview the ballots by visiting the Board of Elections website. If you forget to do so they’ll be a final chance to check them out.

"When you go to the polls election day there will be sample ballots posted on the wall," said Hamill. "Just make sure you review that before you go and request a ballot."

You can vote through Friday between the hours of 8-5p.m at the Board of Elections or Saturday between 8-12pm. If you would like an absentee ballot you must submit your application by Saturday at noon. The primary election takes place Tuesday, May 6.