Nichole Hannahs

TID to Apply for Funding

by Nichole Hannahs on April 23, 2014 at 6:56 am

The Transportation Improvement District needs to move quickly in order to secure funding for area projects.

The State of Ohio has set aside $3.5 million statewide for TID boards. This year they were going to apply for a turn lane from State Route 146 to Northpointe. But, the City of Zanesville has other plans.

"The city sounded like they didn’t want to wait for state funding and sounds like they’re right now trying to resolve some right-away issues, so that they can make improvements and expedite that process," said Mike Jacoby TID board member.

That leaves the TID now looking to apply for funding for other projects in our area. Mentioned was funding to help with the design phase of the new Philo Bridge or the extension of Bethesda Drive.

"We got a $200 million hospital project underway," explained Jacoby. "It’s going to be our biggest employer basically consolidating campuses. There’s already a lot of traffic on Maple there may be reason to make some road improvements there."

Jacoby said that the TID can only get $250,000 per round of funding and have been successful in the past. They plan to meet with the Ohio Department of Transportation in the next two weeks to determine which project meets criteria. They must apply for funding by the end of May.