Vehicle Slams Into Home At 3480 Maysville Pike

by Miriah Turner on April 24, 2014 at 7:50 am

The Zanesville Post of the Highway Patrol say a residence located at 3480 Maysville Pike suffered substantial damage after a vehicle veered off the road and into the home.

Home owner Nancy Sagle was with her daughter in Lancaster when she received a phone call from her son stating a vehicle had driven into her bedroom.

"My sons were in this room here," said Sagle, "and one was in a recliner, and the other one was standing in front of the door for some reason. And the one that was sitting in the chair said "MOVE!" 

The driver, William Thomson of White Cottage, is a friend of Sagle and her family. Her sons initially responded with EMT training. They asked him his name and said he was confused but communicating. Emergency crews used jaws of life to remove him from the vehicle. His airbags did not deploy.

"Something must have happened to his vehicle," stated Sagle. "The gas must have stuck or something. But thank God he hit the house instead of a vehicle head on."

Sagle was surprised to hear the news, seeing as her home is located a good distance from the road. Witnesses say the vehicle missed the fence, drove between a parked truck and a trailer, hit the steps of the front porch, and slammed into the front of the house on the right side, causing damage to the bedroom and living room. Thompson is in the hospital. Sagle and her family state that Thompson has had a history of heart trouble in the past. They are praying for the Thompson family.

Trooper Merryman of the Zanesville Post of the Highway Patrol said the accident appears to have been caused by the medical condition of Thompson. There were only minor injuries reported. The incident is still under investigation