Vehicles Are Inspected for Safety

by Courtney Wheaton on April 3, 2014 at 6:48 am

As a part of the OUZ- Zane State Public Safety Week , students and faculty had the chance to get their vehicles checked for free.

AAA provided a free vehicle maintenance inspections for visitors to the campus. Technicians checked each vehicle for potential red flags.

"We are having technicians check their belts, their tires, their lights, their hoses, their fluid levels. All of the components of their car that could be a big safety issue," said AAA Youth Traffic Manager, Whitney Mason.

Mason says AAA has seen a record number of phone calls this winter due to car issues that could’ve been prevented with proper maintenance. On Thursday technicians saw a few reoccurring problems with vehicles.

"Our technicians have reported seeing a lot of bad tires so that could be uneven tire pressure, holes in the tire which could all lead to blowouts and future crashes so it’s definitely something they want to get fixed, " said Mason.

Last year AAA inspected 67 cars and this year despite the weather, they think they will check even more. Guests were also given free AAA memberships and a complimentary lunch for attending.