ZCHS Students Under Investigation

by Erika Brooks on April 23, 2014 at 10:12 am

Students at Zanesville Community High School are being investigated following an assault at Woodlawn Cemetery.

According to Zanesville City Schools student service director, Kevin Appleman, several classes from Z.C.H.S. were on a field-trip taking walks through the cemetery on Tuesday when an assault occurred. Appleman and Z.C.H.S. Principal Jeff Moore are working together with the Zanesville Police Department on the investigation. Appleman says no punishment will be given to the students until all the evidence has been collected and then according to appleman, the discipline will fit the violation.

Also under investigation is the staff who was present during the walk at the cemetery. Appleman says that investigation will be looking into whether the staff was acting accordingly when the alleged assault took place.

Appleman says if punished, the students could possibly face a one to 10 day suspension and expulsion.