Nichole Hannahs

Business Expands to Eastpointe

by Nichole Hannahs on May 21, 2014 at 6:32 am

A Zanesville company is on the move following Wednesday’s Port Authority meeting.

The port approved the sale of seven acres of land at the Eastpointe Industrial Park to Dow Cameron Oil and Gas for $30,000.

The Port’s executive director said this will expand their operations from their current location on Adamsville Road. The company will use the land to store trailers and fill water tanks.

"We’ve got space," said Executive Director Mike Jacoby. "We’ve got good roads in an industrial park environment and also we have an 18 inch water line going through the park. They would also be able to tap into that line and right now we’ve got plenty of supply."

Jacoby said there’s been a flurry of interest in Muskingum County with projects being discussed for Northpointe, the Airport Industrial Park and Eastpointe.

While details of these projects were discussed in executive session, he hopes to make public announcements in the future.

"I hope that we’ll have more meetings where we’re announcing more projects," said Jacoby. "You don’t have a deal until you have a deal and a lot of things can happen in between."

Also at Wednesday’s meeting the port accepted the budget for this fiscal year and discussed returning unused JEDD money to the city and the county for the upkeep of roads in the Eastpointe Park.