Central Presbyterian Church Celebrates 100 Years

by Miriah Turner on May 4, 2014 at 11:57 am

Central Presbyterian Church on North Sixth Street downtown held its Centennial Celebration today.

For 100 years, Central Presbyterian Church has been actively perusing its mission. The church ministers to all members of the community, with special missions focused on reaching the poor and oppressed. The Eastside Community Ministry is rooted at Central.

"We provide probably the only soup kitchen and dinner on a Sunday night anywhere in Zanesville. We get crowds here as many as 200 people from time to time," said Ed Swanson, Member of the Session Board at Central Presbyterian Church. "We’re always reaching out to the community and I think that’s what’s good about this church."

Swanson, has been a member of the church since 1975. He said the congregation has seen great changes throughout the years. Currently under Pastor Ray Morrison, the church held a weekly series of history lessons on the growth and development of the congregation, ending with today’s Centennial Celebration.

"The hundred years is for this building only. This church goes back to 1806, believe it or not. That was before the War of 1812. You’re talking in terms of a church that’s been vital to the community," said Swanson. "It met years ago in a tavern on the Putnam side of the river. The Taylor Tavern. That’s where it began. Seven people got together and formed in fact all of the Presbyterian churches. This was one of the first churches west of the Allegheny Mountains. This was called the North West Territory back then."

A celebration was also held today for church member Mary Alton who has been a part of the congregation for 81 years. She turned 100 years old today. For more information on the Central Presbyterian Church you can find them on facebook.