City Council Discusses Enterprise Solicitation

by Josh Overholser on May 27, 2014 at 9:40 am

Zanesville City Council met Tuesday night and discussed an ordinance regarding enterprise solicitation.

While no vote was taken on the ordinance, members of the Central Ohio Muscular Dystrophy Association voiced concerns that the ordinance would bring an end to the MDA’s "Fill the Boot" drive done with the fire department.  If passed, the ordinance would prohibit the solicitation from vehicles on a public street, in any public transportation vehicle, on any public property, and within 25 feet of any bus stop, bank, funeral home, cemetery, or hospital.

The ordinance would make first time violations a minor misdemeanor while those caught in violation twice in the same year would face charges of aggravated enterprise solicitation, a misdemeanor of the third degree.  A vote is expected at the next meeting of city council.