City Council Passes Ordinance Regarding Cab Service

by Courtney Wheaton on May 12, 2014 at 9:46 am

At Monday’s City Council meeting emergency ordinance 14-39 was passed to keep Starbright Cab Services up and running in Zanesville.

Owner of the service, Bob Dupler has ran the company for more than 15 years and an elevated insurance liability coverage cost threatened to put a halt to business. In 2012 the city changed the terms of their licensing services, increasing the liability insurance amount each year, and now it’s currently set at $400,000 for 2014 .

" He’s more than willing to do that however, he isn’t able to find a company able to do that for him. He gave us a call, he’s concerned he was going to shut down his business," said Zanesville City Council President, Dan Vincent.

After deliberation with Public Safety Director Fred Buck, city council decided to extend Dupler’s coverage at its original rate of $300,000 until further notice. The city believes that the service is too important to go without.

" 2,000 people a month actually rely on this service, they rely on it to get to and from doctors appointments, to and from the hospital, the health center, from the VA and students at school rely on that service, " said Vincent.

The insurance price of $300,000 is on target with averages across our state including in the three C’s Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.