Gifted Students Show Off Their Talents

by Miriah Turner on May 20, 2014 at 6:25 am

 The Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center hosted their first showcase of arts and academics at OUZ Zane State this afternoon.

Gifted students from Coshocton City, Zanesville City Schools as well as East and West Muskingum, Franklin, and Maysville Local displayed their "written educational plan end-of-the-year projects".

"If they were identified in a specific academic area such as math or reading then they are encouraged to take that talent and combine that with an area of interest. Any area of interest that they’d like to learn more about," said Nancy Conaway, Gifted Coordinator of MVESC. "You’ll see some passions here that some kids are very interested in."

The showcase gave students the opportunity to share their artistic and academic talents with the community, family members, and friends. Gifted visual and performing students were also able to display their talents.

"I love it, because the kids like I said have a chance to shine. and I’ve taught gifted for 26 years and I love to see these kids have an opportunity to show what they can do," said Conaway. "This is the very first time we’ve brought all the districts together. And i think it’s very exciting. And I hope we have a great turn out."

Project topics were chosen at the beginning of the school year. Students did not receive a grade or extra credit, but chose to participate because of their love for learning.