Grilling Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

by Courtney Wheaton on May 23, 2014 at 6:58 am

Memorial Day is one of the biggest outdoor grilling weekends of the year and Mike Alfman, Owner of the Winerak says he can help make it successful.

Alfman says it all starts with the cut of meat you choose. He says for grilling you want a higher quality meat with a tender texture. He suggests the beef tenderloin, ribeye, new york strip, the porterhouse, sirloin and the t-bone as options.

" All of those cuts of meat are delicious on the grill due to their tenderness and I think the first thing to look for when shopping for your steak is to see what the quality of the meat is,"
said Alfman.

Alfman purchases USDA Choice meats which he says it a higher quality . Along with picking the right cut, preparation is key.

"I put my steak out for about an hour before I am going to put it on the grill. I like to pour some wine over it to marinade it, cabernet or a merlot or a nice dry blend.

He then seasons his steak with the Maria Ardornetto’s house seasoning and another local brand out of Nashport called The Killer Seasoning. He also reminds people to purchase a thermometer to cook it just right.