Ice Cream Festival Celebrates 40 Years

by Josh Overholser on May 26, 2014 at 6:49 am

We all love ice cream, but one Licking County town takes that love to a new extreme.

Utica Sertoma’s Ice Cream Festival just celebrated its 40th anniversary this Memorial Day weekend, and it did so with a record breaking year.

"We’ve broken records that we’ve had in the past," said Ice Cream Tent Chairman Bill Leffler.  "We’ve had to have the ice cream truck filled twice now, so God’s been good to us as far as the weather, and it’s brought a lot of people out. It’s been really good."

With free live music, plenty of arts and crafts, and games for the kids, the festival offers a little something for everyone.  The main draw, of course, remains the Velvet ice cream.  What festival goers could not seem to agree on, however, was the best flavor.  From strawberry to moose tracks and cookie dough to mint chocolate chip, the festival has over 18 different flavors to choose from.

Monday brought a close to the annual festival which occurs every year around Memorial Day weekend.