Local Animal Expert Weighs In on Viral Video

by Courtney Wheaton on May 15, 2014 at 6:51 am

Earlier this week a cat was credited with defending the life of a four- year- old California boy who was viciously attacked by a dog, raising questions about animal behavior.

Director of the Animal Shelter of Muskingum County, Jody Murray says that the incident shows that you can never assume that an animal will not attack.

" Sometimes we will get a false since of security that the dog or cat will never bite or never be aggressive and those kinds of things, and although we hope that never happens they are animals and they can be unpredictable, " said Murray.

Murray says animals are like people and can get irritated or moody quickly . He also says the incident highlights some of the positive attributes that cats have as pets.

" Cats can be great pets. They can be loyal, they can be taught tricks and all of the same things that you can do with dogs you can do with a cat and obviously that cat in that situation went in for whatever reason some kind of protective mode, " said Murray.

Murray says that children should always be accompanied by parents and be cautious of unfamiliar animals even at a young age.