Local Moms Appreciate Mother’s Day

by Miriah Turner on May 11, 2014 at 11:39 am

 Along with the great food at the Washington Township Fire Department Sunday morning, there were great family get-togethers.

Several families brought their mothers and we had the chance to talk to many who have made the barbecue an annual event.

"I usually come down here to visit my mom, and we usually go to church at Bethel United Methodist Church," said Kim Wagner, Mother of Two. "She usually always has flowers for each of the mothers there. Then afterwards we come here to the Washington Fire Department and eat chicken."

Moms shared with us that they not only look forward to great food, but time with family and of course all the little surprises.

" I like Mother’s Day because I like spending time with my family and this Mother’s Day especially, my son came home from college yesterday, so I’m glad about that," said Lisa Cottrell. " And my daughter is going to make me a grandma in October so that’s exciting too!"

On behalf of all of us here at WHIZ Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers young and old. Thank you for your love and sacrifice.