Major League Success for Xpressive Graphics

by Josh Overholser on May 28, 2014 at 4:09 am

One Zanesville Business is literally experiencing some major league success.

Xpressive Graphics started out doing car wraps and other small signage projects in 2005, but the company quickly grew thanks in large part to the Muskingum County Business Incubator program.

"They kind of just advised me on different things I should do to start my business as well as advising me on how to grow which was the biggest thing for me they did," said David Mattingly, owner of Xpressive Graphics.  "They helped me, basically, realize my dream and how to get there."

Xpressive Graphics recently won first place in an international sign contest for their work on the sign made at Olde Falls Inn.  Their detailed three dimensional designs are now even being used to make store front signs for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

"We’re adding depth and dimension to everything we do," Mattingly said.  "No longer is anything we do, for the most part, square or rectangle or have edges. We try to break those borders to create a little more of an artistic view of it."

Mattingly said the business is also working on potential projects with the New York Yankees franchise, and he encourages anyone who is considering starting a business to get ahold of the Muskingum County Incubator.  You can learn more about MCBI by visiting