Nichole Hannahs

Not Defined by Difficulty

by Nichole Hannahs on May 6, 2014 at 6:44 am

Overcoming obstacles in life can be difficult for adults, let alone children.

Tuesday, seven high school students proved that they’re not defined by difficulties. These students fought through issues with family, birth defects and illness to rise through life’s challenges. They were rewarded for their battle with a $1,000 scholarship from the Rotary Club of Zanesville.

"They don’t need to look to Hollywood or the lesser figures of the sports world," said Chair of Youth Services for Rotary Marion Gilliland. "They can come right here and look in their own classmates and see these kids because these are amazing."

4-H member, National Honor Society member and Philo High School Senior Eva Stanton is one of this year’s nominees. She was born with a nerve defect in her head and jaw. She plans to study optometry. She believes her struggles only made her stronger.

"I had to get used to people always watching me and when I’d go out places they’d ask what’s wrong with your eye and I’d always have to answer," explained Stanton.

Nominee and John Glenn Senior Kyle Shumate plans to one day become a minister. He said his faith got him through struggles in his family and offers this advice to others feeling life’s pressure.

"God really does love them. I know it’s just a typical thing you’re grandparents say or something like that. It’s so easy in our generation just to say yeah, yeah, I know God loves me. How does that relate to me? It’s really more than that," said Shumate.

Other award recipients included:

  • Anthony Moore-Bishop Rosecrans
  • Kelsey Rice-Maysville High School
  • Abbie Finnell-Tri-Valley High School
  • Kameron Fanning-West Muskingum High School
  • Granger Long-Zanesville High School