Ohio EPA Awards Bus Grant

by Courtney Wheaton on May 9, 2014 at 6:45 am

The students in the Zanesville City School District have cleaner air to breathe due to an EPA grant recently received.

As a part of the Ohio EPA’s Clean Diesel School Grant Program the district received just over $60,000 to install the needed pollution control devices on 21 school buses.

"What the benefit for the school district is it helps us save money. Our buses have less idle time so it helps us save fuel and also in the morning we do not have to have them plugged in overnight. " said Transportation Supervisor, Bryan Karling.

The buses were taken to Hilliard for installation. Karling says the technology is now up to EPA standards.

"Some of our older buses are not compliant with new regulations for emissions, so they’ve got retro fitted with a diesel oxide catalyst and that reduces the emissions. It’s like a catalytic converter on your ca, but its for diesel and reduces matter out of the exhaust, " said Fleet Manager, Nathan Hill.

The equipment is expected to eliminate 46 pounds of fine particle pollution and 326 pounds of carbon monoxide annually.