Proper Feeding Methods for Newborns

by Courtney Wheaton on May 4, 2014 at 11:57 am

From milk to solid foods. Moms to be learned the latest trends in proper feeding for their newborns at a community baby shower held this weekend.

As a part of the Mid-East Career and Technology Center’s educational program, employees from the local WIC office taught mothers when and what to feed their children.

"Basically we are talking about some of the new rules with going over solid foods. We really learned a lot in the last 50 years of baby foods being on the market and now we understand a lot more research on how an infant digestive track forms during infancy and so we now know the optimum time to introduce solid foods is based on their readiness," said Dietician, Amber Sheeks.

She also says there are a few signs that parents can look out for when trying to figure out when their child is ready for heartier meals.

" We want to see the baby who is sitting up by themselves, have good head and neck control and they can turn away from food. They lost their tongue thrust reflex which is basically when they stick their tongue out at you, and we want to see a baby who is going to reach out grab the food, put it in their mouth and swallow it, " said Sheeks.

Expectant mothers also learned about car seat safety, shaken baby syndrome and basic baby care while attending the free event. They also received special gifts to start them out on the right foot when entering parenthood.