Prostitution is Becoming a Major issue for Local Homeowners

by Courtney Wheaton on May 19, 2014 at 7:04 am

When Cindi Peddicord moved into her Ridge Avenue home a little less than a year ago she says she had no idea that the neighborhood came with one major issue. Prostitution.

"The Johns are coming up and down the street all hours of the night.  I mean you see the same truck going around many times and you know that’s what they are out for," said Peddicord.

Like most mothers, Peddicord says she wants what’s best for her children, but with prostitutes working in the same area where neighborhood kids play she says it’s unlikely.

" Every morning neighbors say that school children wait right here for the bus and the prostitutes, they stand right over there. A proximity they believe is too close to home. "

Audra Sherwood, an area resident agrees that the situation is getting out of hand.

They are out here a lot especially on Friday and Saturday nights getting dropped off, car doors slamming. I’ve seen them exchange drugs and smoke crack," said Sherwood.

Peddicord has since met with members of Zanesville City Council and police department demanding answers.

"I think they should chase them off the street or get them for loitering " said Peddiford.

Police Chief Kenneth Miller says since the first of the month they have received 40 calls about solicitation and so far have made 15 arrest. He says the process is more difficult to address than people may believe.

"Number one, its hard to catch them actually breaking the law.  They are not breaking the law by standing on the side walk, " said Chief Miller.

Chief miller also says the department initiates undercover stings and is working to  address the issue, until then local residents are urging the city to remember one thing.

"You know the city seems to think this neighborhood is a bunch of drug addicts and people don’t care, but if you take a look around the neighborhood, the lawns are mowed and the houses are kept up so people do care, " said Terry Royce, Homeowner.