SEOSO Visits Foxfire School

by Courtney Wheaton on May 15, 2014 at 6:52 am

Students at Foxfire and other local schools had the unique opportunity to see members of a local orchestra perform on Thursday.

Members of the Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra have been visiting local schools since Tuesday. The program is funded by the symphony’s endowment fund. Elementary school children were given the chance to hear a variety of instruments and songs.

" We actually have a really cool mix of music. It’s a story so we have a narrator. It’s a story he tells with the music so it’s all about working together and how play instruments and we don’t play well together until we learn how, " said Laura Schumann, Musical Director.

Students took home a valuable lesson about working together while being introduced to music and performance.

"we had instruments and music all of our lives and so it’s really important that kids get this great music that they can become aware of and learn what they can do as well," said Schumann.

The symphony’s Alato Trio also visited Crooksville and Roseville Elementary Schools while touring on Thursday.