STARS Summer Camp Offered to Area Girls

by Josh Overholser on May 21, 2014 at 5:29 am

Junior High can be a difficult time for many children, but the STARS summer camp aims to help make these years positive for area girls.

STARS, which stands for sensitivity, tolerance, attitude, responsibility, and self esteem, will host a three day camp this June to try to help Muskingum County girls with problems they may face.

"We focus a lot on self esteem, friendship building, and we’re going to talk about bullying," said STARS director Ronelle Barnett.  "Just promoting a lot of good coping skills, and basically how to handle being a kid."

STARS is being hosted through Muskingum Behavioral Health, and Barnett said the program is needed due to the changing landscape of today’s youth.

"When you think back to everything that, you know, how it was when we were kids, and how different things are now.  They’re exposed to so much, and they know so much," Barnett said.  "I think if they don’t have the proper skills to handle those situations, it makes it a lot harder. So we’re hoping to be able to give them those skills by just kind of making those situations a little easier to deal with."

The STARS camp runs June 10, 11 and 12 at Zane Grey Elementary and is open to all Muskingum County girls in grades six through eight.  The cost is $15 per student, and if you would like to sign up your daughter, you can do so by calling Muskingum Behavioral Health at 740-454-1266.