Time To Start Planting Those Gardens!

by Miriah Turner on May 14, 2014 at 6:42 am

 With the middle of May approaching, many farmers and home gardeners are looking forward to planting.

Terry Paul, Co-Owner of Paul’s Farm Market says tomatoes and peppers have been very popular this season. With the turn of the season many people are finally beginning to plant their home gardens.

"We always look at the middle of May as being past the frost date. And I know there are times when that’s not 100% true but for the general days and years it’s the safe planting time," said Paul.

Although we have seen multiple rainy days and the ground is fairly wet, Paul says this can be good for plants just entering the soil. He encourages home gardeners to plant and hope a washout isn’t on the horizon.

"If so, we just need to stand them back up, straighten them up, get them out of the mud and get them started again," stated Paul.

The time it takes to raise a plant from a seed is significantly longer and harder than transplanting a small potted plant into your garden. If your looking to bring some fresh vegetables to your table, Paul’s Farm Market has several potted plants ready to take home.