Win $1700 WIth A Great Idea

by Miriah Turner on May 13, 2014 at 6:45 am

 The Muskingum County Business Incubator is holding it’s Regional Big Idea Contest with a $1,700 dollar grand prize.

The contest is free and all entries must be received by Monday May 19th. Businesses and entrepreneurs who have innovative and unique ideas and are looking for assistance in development are encouraged to enter.

"We hoping that we’ll get entrepreneurs out of the wood work and they’ll submit a form of five simple question that talks about, what is this idea, who would like to use this idea and would you like to turn it into a business," said Carol Humphreys, Executive Director for the MCBI. "Often we get some very good innovative suggestions because obviously technology is at the forefront, but there really are good applications that can be something that is not technology."

Participants of all ages are accepted. Unique inventions that have come through MCBI include a heat resistant softball, a portable leg press stand, a safety barbell…even a floating garden!

" We have folks come in, we’ll get 18 to 20 ideas and we sort through them and there’s a winner. The winner wins $1000 in cash, and then there’s $700 dollars in support that we also give to them. The next thing is, we’ll do business plan workshops, that will teach them how to put it all together and to make sure that they have a really good idea before they spend money or their time to try to do it. The third step is then we’ll have a business plan competition in the Fall, and that’s the prize of $10,000," said Humphreys.

Business owners, employees, students or retirees within specific counties are accepted. For a list of eligibility requirements and entry forms you can visit or call 740-453-3649