ZHS Hall of Fame

by Miriah Turner on May 11, 2014 at 11:45 am

Eight extraordinary Zanesville High School Alums were celebrated on Saturday for their accomplishments after graduation.

Last night Ruth Federman, the late Bob Rankin, Todd Rollins, Jeff Apperson, the late Rolland Buxton, Mike Kaido, Kaye Matthews, and Don Seevers all received awards for their contributions to athletics or academics. Award recipeint, Kaye Matthews says that the high school set the foundation for the person she is today.

" Zanesville has played a tremendous role. I’m in Chicago, the third largest city in the country, but I am in my heart and all of my experiences a small town person, and just the values that learned here and living in Zanesville and going to Zanesville High School I just carried with me throughout my entire life, " said Matthews.

Another hall of fame recipient, Mike kaido was recognized for his achievements in basketball, baseball and even professional golf. Kaido still calls zanesville home. He is currently the General Manager at the Zanesville County Club and says being honored by his hometown makes him proud.

"I love being a Blue Devil" said Kaido. I did then and I still do now and I have a lot of friends who are on the wall up here right now so it make me feel very humbled and honored. "

During the event each guest of honor was presented an award and gave a heartfelt speech. Attendees enjoyed a meal presented by current Blue Devils and took home Zanesville medallions.